BStrong Circulates Information on Blood Flow Restriction Training

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

by Eric Bringas, B.S., M.S.

BStrong belts are one of the safest and most efficient Blood Flow Restriction training products on the market. Murray Athletic Development has partnered with BStrong to create a coaching curriculum to help coaches and athletes train safely and enhance their physiology.

Matt Redmond and Brandon Beckman using BStrong belts to perform Blood Flow Restriction Training at the beach

In past articles, we have discussed the science of Blood Flow Restriction Training and its many benefits. Here we would like to update you on how BStrong and MAD have taken their product and expertise to the high school, collegiate, and professional ranks.

With his son on one arm and his daughter on the other, BStrong Co-Founder and CEO Sean Whalen demonstrates that BStrong belts are not only effective for physical training but also parental training.

This past winter, MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas and BStrong Co-Founder and CEO Sean Whalen traveled to Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois to attended TFC or Track Football Consortium. At this 2 day conference, Kris Korfist, the Director of Reflexive Performance and co-owner of Track Football Consortium was presenting his thoughts on the BStrong Belts. He introduced BStrong in his presentation and was very intrigued by the way he felt after using the belts.

Additionally, he was impressed with how BStrong is able to manipulate the physiology to induce the Growth Hormone response without employing any heavy resistance training. Following Kris’s lecture, Coach Bringas and CEO Whalen then lead a hands-on seminar explaining the science of BStrong, and also its practical application in a group training session.

MAD Head Strength Coach and Director of Sports Technology Eric Bringas sharing information about BStrong with W.N.B.A./F.I.B.A. star and University of San Diego Assistant Women’s Basketball Coach Mery Andrade and PIT Films Producer Kurt Brungardt at the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

The next stop for MAD and BStrong was in Portsmouth, Virginia. At PIT, the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament which is in its 67th year of providing NCAA Basketball College Seniors with an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of all 30 NBA team scouts and additional, professional, international scouts.

At PIT, BStrong manned an informational booth during the games, and participated in PIT’s sport science podcast which went over the benefits of BStrong, and how it can help young athletes. The podcast highlighted the importance of strength and conditioning to keeping a young athlete injury free during year long seasons, and especially how BStrong can help young athletes train in-season during AAU basketball.

MAD Coach Eric Bringas leading a drill at the N.B.A. Draft Combine in Chicago

The next stop for BStrong and MAD will be the NBA Combine and NBA G-League Combine held in Chicago, IL. After the Chicago Combines, BStrong and MAD will presenting at the next TFC, Track Football Consortium held in Hinsdale, IL.

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Listen to Coach Bringas's BStrong podcast here.