Excellence In Action

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

In the “Excellence In Action” feature, Murray Athletic Development acknowledges the accomplishments of those who have either trained directly with MAD, or who have trained with MAD Director John Murray during his career. Congratulations for the efforts as well as the accomplishments of all those acknowledged below!

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an an act but a habit."


Eric Bringas

MAD's Head Strength Coach & Director of Sports Technology, Eric Bringas recently participated in commencement ceremonies at Concordia University in Chicago where he earned his Masters Degree in Exercise Science. Coach Bringas, who is now Eric C. Bringas, B.S., M.S., graduated from San Jose State University in 2013 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Kinesiology and also earned certificates from U.S.A. Weightlifting and the National Association of Sports Medicine. Prior to coaching with Murray Athletic Development, he worked as a Strength and Conditioning Coach at the Riekes Center in Palo Alto, served as Revolution Sports' Head Coach and Director of their Alameda site, was the Head Coach for Exercise and Therapy at Dr. Arthur Ting's facility in Fremont, and held the position of Head Strength Coach for Team Esface in Redwood City.

According to MAD Director John Murray, whether Coach Bringas is working with an NBA professional like Brandon Rush or an eigth grade girl like fencing champion Lauren Khoo, MAD's Head Coach is able to relate to the athletes and to help them perform their best. "I don't think even Eric realizes the wealth of knowledge and experience he brings to his coaching. When you combine those attributes with his amazing people skills, he becomes an incredible resource for athletes of all ages and abilities."

On top of all that, according to Murray, his head coach also exhibits grace under pressure. He recalls the first time the young coach worked an NBA Pre-Draft Combine. "Initially, he was understandably nervous and a little star-struck by all the big name players, coaches, and media personalities, but he quickly settled down once we started working with the athletes." However, shortly after the combine got underway, Murray's friend and colleague, Bret Brungardt approached MAD's Director in a panic. Brungardt, whose company Basic Athletic Measurement, (BAM) administers the NBA combines, had two coaches from another company who were completely bungling a drill on live television. Murray assured Brungardt that Coach Bringas could handle the drill all by himself. "With ESPN and NBA Live cameras rolling, Eric stepped in cold, taking over the drill in progress, and nailed it on live, national television. Bret has had him run that drill every year since."

Margie Beima

After the 2018 Girls Volleyball season, CalHi Sports honored Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep Girls Varsity Volleyball Coach Margi Beima as its 2018 Coach of the Year. Coach Beima deftly guided the S.H.C. squad to another W.C.A.L. crown and another C.C.S. Title; however, according to Cal Hi Sports, Beima was selected as much for the compassion which she demonstrated in dealing with senior Lauren Sera as for the team's on court success. Sera's mother suddenly passed away last year, and understandably, Lauren was still grieving over her traumatic loss during the course of this season. The veteran coach made sure to give Sera all the time she needed to properly deal with her personal tragedy.

Beima, a cancer survivor, is no stranger to the harshness of life's physical and emotional challenges, and her own experience has made her that much more philosophical as a coach as is demonstrated by her profound calm on the sidelines of each match. Although she is passionate about playing winning volleyball, it never comes at the expense of her players' development or their well-being.

Yet, in her 17 years as head coach, Beima has amassed over 400 wins, two W.C.A.L. titles, seven C.C.S. championships, five NorCal titles, and one C.I.F. state championship. In addition to this year's award, Beima’s previous honors include the San Jose Mercury Volleyball Coach of the Year in 2004, CCS Honor Coach for Girls Volleyball in 2005, the National Federation of High School Sports 2010 Western Regional Girls Volleyball Coach of the Year, and the California Interscholastic Federation 2011-12 Model Coach of the Year for girls volleyball.

On top of all her accomplishments and accolades, Coach Beima is also the first cousin of MAD Director John Murray who is not the least bit surprised by her success, "Margie and her sisters have always been fierce competitors, and Margie has always been a winner. Whenever you are on Marg's team, you are supposed to win. I don't ever remember it being any other way." According to Murray, their families are very close, more like siblings than cousins, and of his celebrated cousin, he remarks fondly, "Anybody who knows Marg is not surprised by anything she achieves. Her success is a reflection of who she is as a human being. As amazing as she is as a coach, she is an even better person."

Neil "Soldier" Beran

Neil, now a senior at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep, first started training with MAD as an 8th grader, and he was one of the first athletes to train with MAD. Neil has been more than an athlete to the MAD Staff becoming a student intern and even helping coach NBA level combines. He lead and coached the basketball sprint drills for the Team Esface PRO Day Combine and for the Raise Your Game Combine. Also an outstanding student, Neil set a high bar, and having already been accepted to Loyola University of Chicago, he is awaiting acceptance to Northwestern University.

Amy Bond

Amy is the owner and founder of San Francisco Pole and Dance, the Bay Area's leader in pole and dance instruction. When she is not providing first rate instruction, Amy can be found dilligently training for her next competitive performance. She has been competing in Pole Sports Organization level events since 2012, and in 2016, she won the semi-pro Pole Theatre Pole Comedy division. Last month Amy opened a second studio, Oakland Pole & Dance, located in the Adams Point District on Grand Ave., right near Lake Merritt. Amy has trained with MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas, and is currently collaborating with MAD Director John Murray to develop a custom, ground based development program for aerial performers. For more information regarding Amy and her studios visit https://sfpoleanddance.com/ or https://www.oaklandpoleanddance.com/.

Baron Davis

Baron continues to breakdown racial barriers, raise awareness of social issues, and support local organizations through his charitable organization Black Santa. Recently Black Santa held its second annual celebrity basketball game in which luminaries such as rappers Tyga, A1 Bentley, and Demetrius Shipp Jr., instagram comedians and personalities DanRue and NickNPattiwhack, and actress and television host Brittney Elena, and a host of others participated. The event brought the community together, and a portion of the proceeds, $6,100.00, was donated to University High School in Los Angeles. MAD Director John Murray trained the two-time NBA All-Star, when they were both with the Golden State Warriors, and Baron led the "We Believe" Warriors to a first round playoff victory in 2007. For more information about Baron's work with Black Santa, visit https://blacksanta.com/.

Ella Ross

Last Spring, as an 8th grader, Ella trained with MAD for 16 sessions gaining over 100 lbs. of strength and increasing her vertical jump by more than 2 inches. This past fall season, Ella was one of the two freshman to make the St. Ignatius Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball Team. Following a successful season, Ella is determined to polish her skills and enhance her athletic development. In the off-season, Ella plans to challenge herself by playing a grade above for the Red Rock Volleyball Club and by continuing her training with MAD, focusing on improving her vertical jump.

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