Jeff Glosser Returns to Assist Alma Mater - Expands MAD's Role at S.I.

Jeff Glosser, S.I.’s new Director of Student Activities and Athletics, expanded MAD’s role to include the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team and Varsity Lacrosse Team, and the Boys Varsity Football, Baseball and Lacrosse Teams.

Jeff Glosser has returned to his alma mater to help Saint Ignatius College Prep. and its Athletic Department develop strategies for dealing with the challenges of the modern academic landscape in San Francisco. Although he officially assumed his position as S.I.'s new Director of Student Activities and Athletics in July, Glosser had been talking and meeting with all necessary parties for months prior. Early in the process, he saw the value of making MAD's training available to more of S.I.'s athletes, and one of the first changes the new Wildcat administrator instituted was to expand MAD's role from working with just the Girl's and Boy's Varsity Basketball Teams to also training the Varsity Football Team, the Girls Varsity Volleyball Team, the Girl's and Boy's Varsity Lacrosse Teams, and the Varsity Baseball Team.

According to MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas, all the S.I. athletes have been great to work with especially the lacrosse and baseball players who actually read MAD’s weekly Athlete Progress Reports.

So far, MAD's Director John Murray is pleased with the results of his company's expanded role. Starting this past summer, MAD began working with SI’s football, volleyball, lacrosse and baseball programs. Incorporating MAD’s Mind, Body, Skill philosophy of enhancing health and improving performance, the summer and fall training seasons were a whirlwind of activity. Challenged by a new training approach, S.I.'s student athletes and coaches stepped up to the challenge and nailed it.

MAD issues weekly progress reports to all athletes and coaches. The reports keep communications clear and help all parties be accountable.

If the Fall MAD Athlete Progress Report (APR) is any indication, the S.I. kids are on their way. According to the aggregate report for all S.I. athletes, during the fall semester, MAD coached 1,953 athletes over 82 training sessions. Over that period, the total strength gained was 29,277 lbs. with only 2 injuries. Of the two injuries, one was a shoulder strain from which the athlete recovered and returned to play within a week, and the other injury was a concussion resulting from a roller skating accident sustained at a birthday party. MAD's staff is happy to report that this student also recovered and returned to 100% activity.

While a student at Saint Ignatius, Jeff Glosser played basketball for Coach Bob Drucker and baseball for Coach Jim Dekker. Drucker and Dekker came out of coaching retirement to co-coach the S.I. Girl's Varsity Basketball Team. Pictured above is Coach Drucker with members of their 2002 team, Katie Meinhardt and Maureen McCaffrey who received scholarships to play for Boston University and Harvard respectively.

When MAD's director attended Saint Ignatius, Glosser was a year ahead of him. Murray remembers S.I.'s new director as a scrappy member of both Bob Drucker's basketball teams and Jim Dekker's baseball teams. Both Drucker and Dekker came out of coaching retirement to co-coach the S.I. Girl's Varsity Basketball Team when the school initiated coeducation. Although he still possesses the same tenacity he exhibited in his high school days, like his former coaches, Jeff is returning to Saint Ignatius Athletics armed with a fierceness that has been tempered with years of experience and their resulting wisdom.

Grand Canyon University Arena was one of four sites around the country which hosted the N.C.A.A.’s inaugural Basketball Academy. As a member of G.C.U.’s Athletic Department, Glosser helped put the lesser known college on the N.C.A.A.’s map.

Murray is familiar with Glosser's track record in athletic administration, especially his most recent work at Grand Canyon University where as a member of the team in G.C.U.'s Athletic Department, Glosser helped put the lesser known college on the map. Each year MAD's Director and his coaches, MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas and MAD Strength and Conditioning Coach Ryan Muñoz, assist Brett Brungardt and his company Basic Athletic Measurement (B.A.M.) in administering the Portsmouth Invitational Tournament and the N.B.A. Combines. This year they helped B.A.M. conduct the N.C.A.A.'s much heralded, inaugural Basketball Academy. The academy was held in four, separate, regional locations: the University of Connecticut, the University of Illinois, the University of Houston, and Grand Canyon University - pretty heady company and quite an accomplishment for the smaller school.

MAD Strength and Conditioning Coach Ryan Munoz conducts agility drills at the 2019 Portsmouth Invitational Tournament

Jeff is passionate about his new position at S.I. In fact he has been so consumed with all the details of his new job, that when The MAD Times finally caught up with him the week before Christmas, he was in the process of moving from Phoenix. Since accepting the position as S.I.'s Director of Student Affairs and Athletics, it was the first opportunity he had had to make the transition back to the Bay Area. His efforts are already panning out with a W.C.A.L. Varsity Football Championship, a Boy's Varsity Nor. Cal. Water Polo Championship, and Varsity Girl's and Boy's C.C.S. Cross Country Titles all in his first semester. Yet, his exuberance seems to transcend wins and losses.

This year’s S.I. Boys Varsity Water Polo Team celebrate after winning the Nor. Cal. Championship.

To be sure, Glosser plans to win; his goal is to raise S.I. Athletics to a level where every program will win championships at least every 2-3 years. Yet when he discusses his plans for his alma mater, one cannot help but notice that the energy of the young Wildcat who trod the hardwood for Coach Drucker, and who ranged the diamond for Coach Dekker, is now moderated with profound reflection and deliberation. When he discusses his plans for athletic success, he does not dwell on any possible glory. Rather, he speaks with a quiet confidence that gives one the impression that accomplishing these goals is an inevitability.

The 2019 S.I. Girls Varsity Cross Country Team pose with their C.C.S. Championship trophy.

Glosser seems to reserve his conversational energy for his analysis of the challenges that lie before the administration, coaches, athletes, and all students. As they relate to today's student athletes and to the S.I. community in particular, he appears to have invested a great deal of time pondering modern society's predicaments: the electronic devices which allow kids to be more productive, but which suck up time and produce sedentary lifestyles; the perpetual time crunch in which students find themselves on a daily basis; the specialization of athletes at younger and younger ages with the accompanying year-round club teams which are not always best for the young athletes' health and development; the economics of San Francisco that make it difficult to recruit and retain quality coaches long term; and the deterioration of interpersonal bonds especially between athletes and coaches which were much more easily facilitated in his high school days when coaches such as Drucker and Dekker, also faculty members, graced the campus with their presence all day every day.

MAD Director John Murray and MAD Strength and Conditioning Coach Ryan consult during a training session. According to S.I.’s Jeff Glosser, "John's wide range of experiences from Stanford to the Golden State Warriors make him a valuable resource," observes Glosser. "Plus, he and his coaches have a great reputation among athletes, coaches, and parents throughout the Bay Area."

Although all these problems can seem overwhelming, Jeff has studied them thoroughly, and he is confident that he and the Wildcat community will overcome them. Some are more readily dealt with than others. The need to provide top quality training and support to his athletes and coaches was easily remedied by increasing the scope of MAD's duties at S.I. "John's wide range of experiences from Stanford to the Golden State Warriors make him a valuable resource," observes Glosser. "Plus, he and his coaches have a great reputation among athletes, coaches, and parents throughout the Bay Area."

S.I. Assistant Athletic Director and Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Ali Thomas trained with John Murray in preparation for his transition from D1 to the pros. Thomas has more Pro-Am to his credit, five, than any other professional basketball player including one Pro-Am M.V.P. Award. MAD Director John Murray recruited Thomas to coach the “Skills” portion of his M.B.S. Program to several basketball players including N.B.A. athletes.

S.I. Assistant Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach Ali Thomas and Boy's Varsity Head Coach Rob Marcaletti are responsible for initially bringing MAD to S.I. Coach Thomas first trained with John Murray when Thomas was preparing to make the transition from his D1 career at U.S.F. to his professional career in Europe. Thomas played for eight years in Europe, and each summer he would return to San Francisco to train with Murray. After Thomas retired from professional basketball, as MAD's Director was developing the training protocol which would eventually become the foundation for his Mind, Body, Skills Program, Murray would enlist Thomas to teach the "Skills" portion of his program to some of his basketball trainees.

S.I. Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach Rob Marcaletti played an instrumental role in S.I.’s initial hiring of MAD.

When Thomas was hired as an Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach at S.I., he introduced then fellow, Assistant Coach Marcaletti to his friend John Murray. The three were all basketball hounds and would discuss everything basketball for hours on end. "As I learned more about the Mind, Body, Skill Program, I grew more impressed," recalls Coach Marcaletti, "and I promised that if I ever became head coach, the first thing I would do is hire Murray Athletic Development." A few years later when he ascended to the Head Coach position, Marcaletti kept his word and hired MAD to train the S.I. Boy's Varsity Basketball Team.

Last year, as a junior, Angie McAdams was named All-W.C.A.L. Honorable Mention and she was the first recipient of Coach Mike Mulkerrins annual Mind Body Skills Award as a result of excellence in her MAD training.

After two years of observing MAD work with the S.I. Boys Varsity Basketball Team, S.I. Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach prevailed upon his brother to procure MAD training for his team. In his first year working with MAD, Coach Mulkerrins was so impressed with its training that he created an award based on MAD’s Mind Body Skills Curriculum, the M.B.S. Award, and he has become one of MAD’s biggest believers.

S.I. Girls Varsity Basketball Head Coach Mike Mulkerrins, ""This philosophy of “Train the way you compete,” and “Make excellence a habit,” carries value not only in the weight room, on the court, and in the classroom, but in life as well.”"

“The value in this program runs much deeper than just getting stronger physically. Murray Athletic Development empowers athletes to reach their full potential by empowering their minds as well as their bodies to operate at peak performance." Coach Mulkerrins was one of the first coaches to express belief in the potential benefits of MAD training beyond the athletic arena. ""This philosophy of “Train the way you compete,” and “Make excellence a habit,” carries value not only in the weight room, on the court, and in the classroom, but in life as well.”"

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