Updated: Aug 29, 2019

LTAD for Physical and Mental Health

Ryan Muñoz, B.S., M.S., C.S.C.S.

Coach Ryan Muñoz setting up Fusion Sport Testing equipment for a combine back in his hometown in The Central Valley, Tracy/Stockton, CA.

In this issue, we will discuss Pillar #2 of LTAD: Youth of all ages, abilities, and aspirations engaging in LTAD programs that promote physical fitness and psychosocial well-being.

Regardless of age and skill level, all youth should be moving regularly. This can be done by participating in club sports, competitive school sports, neighborhood sponsored physical activity programs, or periodized fitness routines. The idea is to expose a child to various fundamental patterns of movement (running, jumping, skipping, throwing, cutting, static/dynamic balancing, twisting, lifting, pulling, swinging etc.) at a young age and continue this path until high school where as a teenager, the athlete may specialize in one sport.

MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas leading IPC athletes through an olympic lifting complex

Murray Athletic Development (MAD) utilizes a mind-body approach to promote physical fitness and well-being. We start each session with high performance psychology and breathing exercises to fire up the mind prior to working the body. We provide a safe, controlled environment for youth athletes to learn proper strength training techniques and progressions. This leads to our athletes staying healthy and performing at their best in whatever competition.

This Spring, MAD will launch the Mind, Body, Skill Academy at Saint Ignatius College Prep in San Francisco, Ca. The primary goals of this program are to provide comprehensive basketball training for highly motivated players including mental, physical, and technical instruction, and to prepare young players to compete at the highest amateur levels.

Coach Bringas demonstrating moving on balance to young Oakland Soldiers hoopers

Mind-Mind-Body Skill (MBS) Training recognizes the profound impact that a player's mental game has on his or her physical game. The stronger the mind, the better the performance.

The objective of MBS with regard to the body is to build stronger, fitter players to attain the ultimate goals: 1) enhanced health; 2) improved performance and 3) reduced injury risk. Our focus is on building the body’s core to develop a strong, sturdy foundation allowing for fluid, explosive, athletic development to occur. Exercises will aim to develop players’ abdominal and trunk strength, functional flexibility, and dynamic power in order to directly improve their basketball skills.

Coach Ryan Munoz leading Team Esface players through split squats at The Cage - LTAD for Physical and Mental Health

With regard to the "Skill" aspect of the MBS Training Program, the foundation of Mind, Body, Skill Institute training focuses on teaching functional basketball footwork. Players will learn how to properly use their feet to make them better overall players while also participating in training exercises to improve their shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding and defending skills. These skills will be taught in a game specific manner so players will develop their basketball skills AND their basketball I.Q.s.