MAD continues work with Sean Whalen and BStrong

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Sean Whalen, a former Stanford University Soccer standout, trained with MAD Director John Murray, and over the years, the two have remained friends. With a degree in engineering from Stanford, Sean partnered with Dr. James Stray-Gunderson, M.D., to found their company Bstrong, and to develop their BStrong BFR Training System.

BFR stands for blood flow restriction, and this type of training allows for tremendous gains in muscle development using lighter weights and less repetitions. Consequently, this type of training has a lower impact on the body, making it ideal for all athletes, and especially those who are recovering from injury, or who are older. BStrong BFR Training Systems offer the safest blood-flow restriction technology on the market, because the bands are specifically designed to prevent occlusion. According to Dr. Stray-Gunderson, "BStrong BFR is a paradigm shift in training, recovery, strength, and fitness. It is the anti-aging medicine for the 21st Century."

In August, working with Sean Whalen, MAD produced a video demonstrating the use of the Bstrong BFR Training System. (Directed by MAD Head Coach Eric Bringas and MAD Videographer Dominique Conlu,)The film featured San Francisco native and professional snowboarder Summer Fenton. For more information regarding Bstrong and their BFR Training System, visit their website at