MAD Scholarships: Help Kids in Need Train through Go Fund Me

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Each month, MAD provides scholarships to athletes who otherwise would be unable to participate in its programs. However, there are many more youth in the community for whom the cost of training is beyond their means, and MAD would like to reach out to these young athletes more aggressively so that they too can benefit from MAD's instruction. In order to ensure that every athlete can access MAD’s services and truly enhance his or her well being, whether it be on the field, in the classroom, or in navigating the challenges of everyday life, Murray Athletic Development has begun an ongoing fundraising campaign to provide its services to all athletes in the community. If you would like to help support a young athlete in the community, please check out our Go Fund Me (link here).

Below is a list of a few former and current athletes who have been MAD scholarship recipients:

  • Sidy Sissoko

A refugee from Mali, Sidy came to San Francisco for his final two years of high school for both the scholastic and athletic opportunities. Unfortunately for Sidy, he tore his A.C.L., but fortunately for the MAD Staff, it was an opportunity to get to know and work with an outstanding young man. Sidy worked hard and diligently, and not surprisingly, recovered well. He is now a sophomore at Cloud County Community College in Kansas playing basketball and working on his degree in preparation to transfer to a 4 year college.

  • Doug Parrish

Doug came to MAD Director John Murray to train during his college career. An incredible athlete with amazing drive, after playing his college ball at San Jose St. and Western Oregon College, he was drafted by the Edmonton Eskimos of the Canadian Football League. Doug has continued to train with MAD during his football career including rehabbing a severe foot injury sustained during his rookie year with the Eskimos. Doug recently signed with the B.C. Lions for the upcoming C.F.L. season. In addition to serving as a sterling example of a student and professional athlete, Doug provides much needed mentoring to the younger athletes.

  • Josh Fox

Josh was a basketball star at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep. leading the Irish Varsity Basketball Team to four consecutive C.C.S. Championships and one State Championship. Josh came to MAD Director John Murray after he tore his A.C.L. in his freshman year at U.C. Riverside. A bright and gifted athlete, Josh took care of business and worked his way back onto the court. He went on to have an outstanding college career playing one year at City College of San Francisco and then two years at U.C. Davis. Last year he had a successful season playing professional basketball in Australia where he led the Ballarat Miners to the playoffs. Presently Josh is preparing to play for the Fiji Men’s National Basketball Team in the FIBA Men's Basketball World Cup. Like his S.H.C. Prep. schoolmate Doug Parrish, Josh serves as an important role model for the student athletes. The presence of the two consummate professional athletes at the training facility is invaluable to the development of the younger athletes.

  • Caeden Hutcherson

Caeden is a San Francisco boy who is working hard in his sixth grade class at Sour Academy on the Saint Ignatius College Prep. Campus. He is a great kid who always gives his best effort, and who loves to play basketball.

  • Evan "Blue" Branch-Haynes

Blue is a sophomore at Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep., and his coach Zach Tapel brought him to MAD last spring concerned about his athlete's recovery from a broken ankle. Blue demonstrated a tremendous work ethic and an unbelievable commitment, commuting up to five hours a day, four days per week, to train with MAD during the summer off-season. This fall, he is having a phenomenal season starting on the defensive line for Sacred Heart Cathedral's Varsity Football Team.


John Murray, Founder and CEO of Murray Athletic Development (MAD) created a fundamental curriculum that is rooted from his broad experience based on his work with leaders and hall of famers in the fields of strength training, sports medicine, athletics and the martial arts. MAD aims to stimulate both mental and physical development with an emphasis on pro-active health care. This is achieved through optimizing health, enhancing performance, and reducing injury. MAD strives to empower athletes to be their best and to attain their own athletic excellence by providing world-class post sports rehabilitation, functional fitness and athletic development training services.