Mind Body Skills Clinic with Bay City

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Bay City is an organization that fields AAU basketball teams and offers high quality basketball instruction to boys and girls in San Francisco. Coaching Consultant Ali Thomas, a former professional player in the EuroLeague, recognized the need for players who were not participating in the AAU traveling teams to continue their basketball development. Coach Thomas is a former trainee, close friend, and associate of MAD Director John Murray, and the two have collaborated on many successful ventures. Together they set out to design a program in which young athletes could continue their participation and enjoyment of organized basketball while increasing their basketball knowledge, improving their conditioning and overall health, and develop their basketball skills. The product of their collaboration was the Mind Body Skills Program, or MBS.

Not surprisingly, the MBS Program is comprised of the following components:

Mind: MBS recognizes the profound impact players mental game has on their physical game. The stronger the mind, the better the performance. MBS will teach players basic components of High Performance Psychology to improve their skills in competitive breathing, focus meditation and court resiliency to help them become mentally tougher, better balanced and more resilient on the court.

Body: MBS’s goal is to build stronger, fitter players to attain the ultimate goals: 1) Enhanced Health; 2) Improved Performance and 3) Reduced Injury Risk. Exercises will aim to develop players’ abdominal and trunk strength, functional flexibility and dynamic power to directly improve their basketball skills. Players will participate in pre and post-training N.B.A. Pro Combine testing to assess their basketball specific athletic skills, identify areas in need of improvement and measure their progress.

Skills: The foundation of MBS Skills Training is teaching functional Basketball footwork. Players will learn how to properly use their feet to make them better overall players while also participating in training exercises to improve their shooting, dribbling, passing, rebounding and defending skills.

These will be taught in a game specific manner so players will develop their skills AND their basketball I.Q.s.

This past spring and summer, the first MBS Skills Clinics were conducted in conjunction with the Bay City coaches and staff. The programs were a huge success with over 70 boys and girls participating.