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Updated: Aug 29, 2019

The Best San Francisco Hiking Trails…

by John Soares

Northern California Hiking Trails

March 3, 2019

This is part of a series of articles we are running in order to prepare for the introduction of our new feature “The MAD Outdoors.” In our run up to the introduction of this new feature, we are linking to two different types of articles. First, we are linking to articles which discuss the various benefits of spending time in nature on a regular basis. Second, while we are encouraging you to get outdoors, we thought it might be helpful to link to articles which suggest some of the more interesting places to experience the natural world in San Francisco.

In our last issue, we linked to an article on the Bold Italic website titled “Places to Get a Little Nature in San Francisco” by Sara Bernard. If you missed it and are curious, you can link to it here . Our readers seemed to enjoy it. In the article, Bernard recommends some of her favorite venues for enjoying nature in S.F. ranging from popular favorites Golden Gate Park and Fort Funston, to gems such as Land’s End and Tank Hill, to lesser known parks such as Mt. Davidson and Glen Park.

In this issue, we are featuring an article on the Northern California Hiking Trails website by John Soares titled “The Best San Francisco Hiking Trails . . .” in which Soares interviews author Alexandra Kenin about her book Urban Trails: San Francisco. The two discuss some of Kenin’s favorite routes which include classics such as the Coast Trail at Land’s End, the Bay Area Ridge Trail in the Presidio, and the Batteries to Bluffs Trail north of Baker Beach, as well as some lesser known plums such as the Lobos Creek Valley Trail, the Interior Green Belt and Mt. Sutro Open Space Preserve, and Philosopher’s Way in John McLaren Park.

The interview provides a wealth of information about hiking trails and places to experience nature in San Francisco. Nobody on the MAD Times staff has yet read Kenin’s book, but it certainly seems like it merits a look. You can read the article by clicking on this link Hopefully, you will find something that either piques your curiosity or inspires you, whatever it takes to get you out on the trail.