Places to Get a Little Nature in San Francisco

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

By Sara Bernard

The Bold Italic

Aug 1, 2012

Since MAD is encouraging readers to get outdoors, the MAD Times editorial staff thought it might be helpful to offer some suggestions about various sites where one might commune with nature in our fair city. We found several online articles covering this topic, and we are linking to one of our favorites, “Places to Get a Little Nature in San Francisco,” which was written by Sara Bernard and published in The Bold Italic.

The Bold Italic is an online magazine celebrating the freewheeling spirit of San Francisco. In this 2012 article, author Sara Bernard creates a user friendly and well written guide to some of the more interesting places to experience nature in the City. Bernard’s recommendations range from popular favorites Golden Gate Park and Fort Funston, to gems such as Land’s End and Tank Hill, to lesser known parks such as Mt. Davidson and Glen Park. By no means intended as a comprehensive list, rather the author offers a tasty sampling of natural vistas and venues which should be enough to whet the appetite of any nature lover who is contemplating an outdoor experience in the City by the Bay.

Remember, whether cross training vigorously, or simply taking in a panoramic view, the objective is to spend some time in nature. Although Bernard serves up a mere snippet of the myriad natural wonders available in San Francisco, the links she provides at the end of the article offer a valuable and comprehensive resource for future adventures. For the sake of convenience, we have reprinted them here. San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks website, the San Francisco Parks Alliance and Bay Area Hiker. You can link to the article below.