S.I. Basketball Pre-Season Training Yields Impressive Results

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Saint Ignatius Varsity Basketball players have had their shoulders to the wheel this pre-season as they have immersed themselves in MAD's training system. The female Wildcats have faced the greater challenge having to acclimate themselves to a new program with a slightly different style and philosophy. Their male counterparts have had the advantage of training with MAD for the past three seasons. However, the S.I. Girls Varsity players are smart as well as athletically gifted, and they seem to have quite naturally integrated one of MAD's core training principles: “Train the mind, and the body will follow.” So far, the Girls Varsity Team has stepped up to the challenge of committing to their new training regimen, and their results reflect this commitment. In a total of 32 training sessions, the overall attendance was 76%, with an increase of overall team strength of 1,271 lbs. Training standouts among the S.I. Girls Varsity players, are Diary Khin with a top attendance rate of 84%, and Maddie Ennis with the most strength gained at 117 lbs.

This pre-season the S.I. Boys Varsity Basketball Team has embraced the weight room, and their results are a credit to their hard work. In 28 training sessions, overall attendance is 78%, and overall improvement in team strength is an impressive 4,396 lbs. Exceptional pre-season training performances have been posted by Ethan Jew and Jackson Canady who tied for the best attendance rate at 100%, and Ross Klein who increased his strength by a team best 312 lbs. Both the Girls and Boys Teams are laying solid foundations for this year's campaigns. If they can sustain their efforts as they enter the second phase of the pre-season, they will be well prepared for the grind of their upcoming seasons.

Go Cats!