Team Esface Pro Day Combine

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Dele Sobomehin is the Director of Team Esface which provides AAU basketball programs and elite basketball instruction to boys and girls in the Redwood City Area. Sobomehin is a long-time friend of MAD Director John Murray, and over the years, the two have collaborated on many successful educational ventures. Murray met Dele through his brother, Olatunde Sobomehin, who founded Team Esface.

Murray had the good fortune of training Olatunde when he was a player at Stanford. Olatunde's is one of the great success stories in sports. While attending Stanford, he never gave up on his dream and his passion for the game. After working as a trainer for the Stanford Basketball Program for 2 years, through his persistence and hard work, he earned a spot on the team as a walk-on in his final year. He was voted Most Inspirational Player on a team that ascended to the number one national ranking.

The Sobomehins now express their passion for the game by sharing their knowledge with young players through Team Esface. For the past 5 years, MAD has been assisting Team Esface in conducting their Pro Day Combine. On June 2, more than 120 boys and girls participated in a combine, and once again, Team Esface and MAD provided the young players with the exact same skills assessments as the players receive at the NBA Combines. Additionally, MAD administered an injury risk assessment to each boy and girl.