The MAD Outdoors

Updated: Aug 29, 2019


Paleo Leap


In our last issue of MAD Times, we explained how we plan to launch a new feature “The MAD Outdoors,” and in preparation for that, over the next few issues, we are linking to a series of articles which discuss the various benefits of spending time in nature on a regular basis. If you missed that article, and you would like to link to it for a more thorough explanation, you can do so by clicking on this link

In this issue, continuing our exploration of the many benefits of regularly interacting with nature, we are linking to an article which was posted on the PaleoLeap website this year. PaleoLeap is a website dedicated to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the centerpiece of which is the Paleo Diet. This diet features foods that were more likely to have been available to humans during the Paleolithic Era, more commonly known as the Stone Age. The Paleolithic predates human agriculture and so back then dietary staples consisted mostly of fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots, seeds, fish, and meat rather than grains.

Nevertheless, whatever humans were eating back then, they were doing it mostly outdoors, and hence PaleoLeap is also a big fan of getting out into nature which is why we are linking to their article “The Health Benefits of Spending Time in Nature.” The article emphasizes stress reduction, but it also covers a range of other benefits of frequenting the wilds like increased levels of vitamin D, exposure to better air quality, the inclination to exercise, and ultimately increased life expectancy.

The article is well written in a comfortable style that makes the reading experience both enjoyable and informative. The writing is geared for the casual reader as well as for the health professional. Throughout the piece, the author references studies which she links to on websites ranging from the National Institute for Health’s page for the National Center for Biotechnology Information to its page for the National Institute of Environmental Health Studies. You can see for yourself and link to the article here

However, remember that although it is always good to be informed, the purpose of these articles is not for the reader to become an expert on the benefits of spending time in nature, but rather to encourage the reader to actually do it. So head on out to the great outdoors, be safe, and enjoy yourself.

If this topic interests you, please check out the next article, “More MAD Outdoors.” This is also part of our introduction to our new feature “The MAD Outdoors,” and it links to another article on the Northern California Hiking Trails website titled “The Best San Francisco Hiking Trails . . . ,” which suggests more interesting locations to enjoy nature in S.F.