MAD’s Pro Day allows players to test their skills just like real professional athletes. The goal of the MAD Pro Day Combine is to provide athletes, parentsand coaches accurate and practical information which will allow individuals to maximize their athletic performance and reduce the risk of injury. Like with actual professional athletes, this information enables each individual to compete at his or her highest potential. At MAD Pro Day each athlete is evaluated in three key areas:


1. High Performance Psychology

Assessment of an individual’s competitive mind set and “mental toughness”


2. Muscle Balance and Symmetry Assessment

Evaluation of an individual’s strength, balance and range of motion in the ankle, knee, core and shoulder


3. BAM (Basic Athletic Measurement) Testing

Athletic testing for speed, agility sport specificIn conjunction with BAM ( and using the Fusion Smart Speed Timing System, and power. These Combines are designed to complement an athlete’s existing Strength and Conditioning Program and build upon their current training.