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Excellence Foundation 

To address the needs of under-privileged youth the MAD Excellence Foundation was established in 2020 amidst the debilitating chaos of the Covid 19 Coronavirus pandemic.  It is the 501c3 non-profit arm of Murray Athletic Development (MAD) LLC.
Inspired by a passion to empower individuals to fulfill their athletic potential, MAD empowers them to build their minds and their bodies enabling them to pursue their own personal excellence. Via the MAD curriculum and training, individuals build positive habits and learn coping skills to succeed in all aspects of life.


MAD has always been driven to offer young people the same quality of training that Murray and his team have provided for many years to their professional clientele. The principle thought being that by empowering young people with habits in excellence early in their lives, they will be far better equipped to lead an enriching life as an adult and have a positive impact on society at large. 
With the COVID pandemic we are at a critical time for our youth and MAD’s ability to help them.  By giving to the MAD Excellence Foundation you are investing with an impact.  Your help will enable the MAD team to impart important life skills to underprivileged youth and help them compete in athletics and life on a more level playing field.  Your financial support will aid at-risk youth and provide the MAD team with the necessary resources to further build their program and continue their work with the youth of the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. 

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