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The Murray Athletic Development LLC Internship Program aims to provide aspiring interns a comprehensive education in the fields of Strength & Conditioning and Physical Therapy.


Murray Athletic Development (MAD) is looking for highly motivated individuals who have a passion for coaching and learning. Interns will have the opportunity to be exposed to many aspects of athletic development including: sports medicine, physical therapy, strength training and BAM Athletic Testing using Fusion Smart Speed Technology.


The ultimate goal is for our interns to develop many of the appropriate skills required for a successful career in the field of strength & conditioning.


Interns will assist the MAD Coaching Staff in teaching and implementing comprehensive strength & conditioning programs that incorporate a diverse curriculum emphasizing cutting edge sports science and techniques. We also have unique opportunity for those students interested in physical therapy. We work hand in hand with Active Care Physical Therapy and could set up times to assist therapist at Active Care.


Programs include: high performance psychology, comprehensive pre and post training evaluations, injury risk assessments, prevention & post-rehabilitative therapeutic exercises, trunk & core movements, dynamic warm-ups, yoga based flexibility sessions, sprint mechanics and speed development work, plyometric training, high speed treadmill multi-directional training, balance & agility work and a strong utilization of Olympic weight lifting movements.


In addition, Interns will be required to participate in the filming of athlete training, assist in video analysis teaching sessions, and attend educational training workshops.


All non-certified interns are highly encouraged to sit for both the NSCA−CSCS and USW certifications.


The MAD Coaching Staff will strongly support those individuals who excel in our Internship Program with their career pursuits. Letters of Recommendation, Job referrals and even possible MAD Coaching Staff employment are all examples of potential assistance outstanding Intern performers can receive.



Shadow and observe Strength and Conditioning Coaches during training and testing.


Participate in strength and conditioning testing and training sessions.


Attend Coaches meetings and Intern training sessions.


Assist staff with cleaning and maintaining the facility and equipment.


Provide support with updating and monitoring athlete training programs.


Complete all assignments in a timely and efficient manner.


Adhere to the dress code and behavior requirements.


Assist with video filming of training sessions.


An ideal Intern candidate must demonstrate the following: an enthusiasm for learning and teaching, time management skills, be goal oriented, possess a strong ability to work in a dynamic setting and maintain professionalism at all times. Also, interns must be able to adapt to their surroundings and display assertiveness in their coaching abilities.




Training & Testing sites could include other Bay Area locations.*


To apply for our internship please contact Head Coach Eric Bringas 

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