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As the year 2017 came to a close, it marked the fourth year of MAD’s existence. In those first four years a great deal had occurred. Our little operation whose initial roots were sown way back in the 1970’s working out with my older Brother in our parents basement, had grown…..a lot. 


We as a staff recognized that the true essence of what we do is help our athletes build their minds and their bodies to go out in life and pursue what they love to do. They, the athletes were the stories. All of them had experiences and accomplishments that deserved recognition and applause. 


However, social media didn’t seem like the best vehicle in which to tell our MAD athletes’ stories. They just didn’t seem to fit in that confined space and time sensitive medium. Therefore, motivated by a desire to truly honor the vast array of tales that represent our MAD family, we embarked on putting together a newsletter. Thus in 2018 the MAD Times were born. 


It’s goal: to tell the compelling, often amazing stories of our MAD athletes and friends. 


Definitely a labor of love, the MAD staff does an amazing job putting each issue together. Always a daunting task to produce but we just feel inspired to tell their stories. 


As our MAD athletes keep thriving, look to learn all about them in the MAD Times!

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