MAD Strength & LTAD Progression

John. K Murray, MA, CSCS, USAW, CMT Managing Director

Ryan C. Munoz, MS, CSCS

Head Coach, Director of Operations

Eric C. Bringas, MS, PES Head Coach, Director of Sports Science & Technology


  1. Health

  2. Performance

  3. Foundation


Active Start

Introduction to fundamental movement skills.

Learn Fundamentals

Hone proper fundamental movement skills.

Learn to Train Safe, structured, learning environment. Refine technical skills. Build mental and physical foundation to compete.

Train to Compete Shift training focus to Performance Coordinate training schedule Introduction to training intensities, progressions, rest, recovery and nutrition.

Train to Win Customized, specialized and periodized training.

1. Preparation 2. Tapering 3. Peaking 4. Recovery

Preparation focused on succeeding at the highest level of competition i.e. college, Olympic and professional.

Active for Life Learn to maintain lifelong participation in physical activity. Enjoy recreational fitness activities. Play it forward. Give back.

1. Coach 2. Mentor 3. Volunteer 4. Contribute