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In 2018, MAD employed the services of Elite Form and their Integrated Tracking System.  For the first time, MAD Athletes could get accurate feedback on their progress in a simple format that told the profound impact that their MAD training was having on their athletic development. 


Customized to MAD specifics, our Elite Form generated APRs provided the MAD Coaching Staff with a tool to accurately track our Athletes progress. 


MAD’s Athlete Progress Reports (APRs) tell the story of our athletes training progress. Athletes record their weights they trained with on a daily basis on our Elite Form tracking program. 

  1. APRs for individuals and teams are composed on weekly, monthly and full training cycle time lines. 

  2. APRs provide accountability for both MAD Coaches and Athletes. The reports tell us how our athletes are responding to their training, how impactful their program is and identifies areas in need of adjustment which in turn improves the quality of the overall training program. 

  3. Strength gains are the primary numbers reflected in MAD APRs. The numbers, basic and tangible, tell a profound physiological and psychological story of each MAD Athlete’s development.

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