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MADCAST Ep. 3 Featuring Ali Thomas

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Hello and welcome to The MADCAST! Our guest is the Chief Philanthropy Officer of the MAD Excellence Foundation, Napa High School's new Head Boy's Varsity Basketball Coach, and a San Francisco PRO-AM Legend, Alejandro "Ali" Thomas. This podcast is sponsored by, the MAD Excellence Foundation, a 501c3 established to address the challenging needs of under-privileged youth, helping young people by utilizing athletics as a way to impart important life skills and maintaining the mantra of making Excellence a Habit.

Native San Franciscan Ali tells us all about his upbringing and gives us his insights on hoop in "The City". Ali also shares his experiences transitioning from each level of competition: high school (St. Ignatius College Prep) , college (University of San Francisco), and his journey as a young pro navigating his career over-seas. We wrap up this amazing conversation with his transition from player to coach and his next step with Napa High School.

In This Episode:

His Upbringing and Meeting Coach Mac

His Experience at St. Ignatius High School

From College (University of San Francisco) To Over-Seas Pro

Training Like A PRO

His Coaching Philosophy & The Integrated Practice Plan

For the full video and to view more MAD footage please visit our YouTube page

To listen to more MADCAST please visit our Anchor page

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