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IPC Athletes and Their Zoom Training Programs

When the “shelter-in-place” advisory first hit San Francisco The Institute of Physical Culture (IPC) was faced with a challenge, shut it all down or adapt. MAD and its staff along with the many athletes that train in the IPC program decided to choose the latter. IPC is currently running on a new digital platform, choosing ZOOM as its way to coach multiple programs and a variety of athletes in a single training program.

As of today, the IPC program is providing the same standard of excellence as it did. Training sessions still contain a variety of skill levels from Pros to neophytes, as well as a variety of training programs ranging from in-season to off-season and post rehabilitation.

Especially in these times IPC will always choose to focus on our athletes’ health and overall well being. Here is an insight of our athletes’ experience so far in their new IPC online training program.


Based on the roots of the original Athletic Development Training Centers of Europe, MAD’s Institute of Physical Culture (IPC) is a Strength & Conditioning Program designed for athletes from any sport to pursue their own level of excellence. The focus of the IPC training is to enhance health, improve performance and reduce injury risk. Whether Offseason, Preseason, In-Season or Return to Play Post Rehabilitation, MAD’s Institute of Physical Culture is a place for all athletes to develop their own greatness.

As of today, the IPC pr

To learn more about our IPC program and to schedule for your first training session CLICK HERE

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